Wonderbox Metal (bez hodnocení)

This is the fifth album from Czech Metallers Six Degrees Of Separation, and it’s a bit of a conundrum, but a good one at that. I wouldn’t particularly call this band a Thrash band or a Power Metal band, although they certainly have been termed both. Rather I will just call them a Metal band. Quite a timeless brand of Metal also; it sounds both too modern for Old-School and too classic for New-School.The band have forged an interesting sound for themselves. It’s not quite Thrash, but not quite Power Metal either; it’s somewhere in the middle, borrowing aspects of both genres.

The album cover is atypical of pretty much all Metal genres, which is a sign that the band don’t necessarily fit into the normal genre pigeon-holes. What I do know however, is that this is very good indeed.

This album has a strong, full production that has a good crunch to it. It’s a sound that is satisfying and more-ish; as soon as it stops playing I could quite happily play it again. Powerful vocals dominate the proceedings; they are largely clean and rough around the edges, further muddying the separation of harsher Thrash and cleaner Power Metal standards. Interesting guitar riffs, melodies and leads are included in every song and once again blur the lines between their Thrash and Power Metal influences. The songs are also absurdly catchy.

Six Degrees of Separation may be non-standard, but in my book that’s a very good thing. This is a great release that I can’t recommend enough, and contains some storming Metal songs. For fans of quality Metal.